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Are you suffering from research overload? Word Bee can help.

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

In need of a skilled, reliable transcriptionist to handle your qualitative research data?

Losing the battle with your to-do list, and don’t have time to search for a quality transcription service with a nuanced understanding of your analytical requirements?

Running behind on your schedule and need someone you can rely on to get the job done swiftly and to the highest standard?

Is your project getting more and more unwieldy by the day, whilst you navigate fieldwork and juggle a host of other responsibilities?

At Word Bee, we understand first-hand the challenges and pressure you’re facing and are here to simplify things. You can rely on Word Bee to manage your project efficiently and to the highest standard, freeing you up to focus on moving your career forward. We have a nuanced understanding of the subtleties in audio interpretation and data representation and appreciate the importance of tailoring your transcripts so that they are the perfect fit for your analytical focus. We provide a friendly, responsive service and can give as much or little guidance as you require. We are fully GDPR compliant and offer a confidential service, with all transcriptionists signing non-disclosure agreements. Check out our website for prices, and more details on how we can ease you through the transcription process, ensuring you hit all of your crucial deadlines.

More about Word Bee

I'm Emma, aka Word Bee. The idea of providing a transcription service came about as a happy accident. I was on maternity leave from my job as a primary school teacher with my baby girl, Clementine, when a good friend contacted me. She had seen an urgent request from one of her academic colleagues in need of a transcriptionist. I took on this initial project as a means of supplementing my maternity income. However, it was in doing this that I discovered my passion for transcription and set about providing an excellent standard of service.

I love being immersed in the data as it takes me back to my academic roots. I successfully completed a PhD in Sociology, involving qualitative interviews, before becoming a teacher. Fine-tuning each transcript before submitting it brings out the teacher in me. Hunting down correct the spelling of names and unfamiliar technical terms fulfils a nerdy, conscientious side of my personality, and I thrive under the pressure of working against the clock to meet tight deadlines.

I have now expanded my operation by sourcing and training a small team of excellent freelance transcriptionists, enabling me to deliver on larger projects within a tighter timescale. I personally do a final proofread and edit of all transcripts before they are signed off as complete so that I know I would be happy to put my name to it. I really do take pride in what I do, and my goal is to provide the standard of service that I would be delighted to recommend to a friend or colleague.

To find out more about how Word Bee can support you in your research endeavours, visit www.wordbee.co.uk.

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